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Launched in December 2020, Shop Greater Newport is a small business directory for small businesses in the Greater Newport region built to create more opportunities for people to shop small.

State of the Economy in Greater Newport

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We have been working to better understand the short versus long-term impacts of the pandemic. The presentation highlighted a strengthening economy but one that will take time and a concerted stakeholder effort to recover fully. 

Broadband Coalition

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Our work related to the issue of Broadband has taken the next step as we have created a Broadband Coalition and have issued an RFP (info below) to identify a technical services vendor that can support mapping and the work required to define solutions to the issues that we have been experiencing. With what amounts to Billions of federal dollars available to enhance broadband we are working to make sure the Greater Newport region is ready to receive the investment.

Request for Proposals for Broadband Assessment and Planning

Connect Greater Newport releases Request for Proposals for Broadband Assessment and Planning. Questions are due on April 24, 2021, at noon and proposals are due on May 4, 2021.  Contact Jessica David, Project Manager, Broadband Initiative - with any questions.


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