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Five Reasons Your Business Should be in Greater Newport

Location, Location, Location!

Greater Newport makes up the southeastern region of Rhode Island, a small area of a small state that offers the perfect location for business. The “fun size” state offers easy access to some of the hottest US markets including New York and Boston, but without the hectic metropolitan life. The Greater Newport commercial real estate market is considerably less expensive, daily travel takes a fraction of the time and most importantly, you are always within minutes of a great coastal view. When your business is located in Greater Newport you can have it all, including access to top industries and a lifestyle most can only enjoy on vacation.

Smarts: Greater Newport is home to two universities, one community college, a trades and technology school and the Naval War College, but this is only a small portion of the educational institutions in Rhode Island. The state that is only 48 miles long by 37 miles wide has a total of 12 accredited higher education institutes, including Ivy League Brown University. If Rhode Island isn’t producing the talent you need, don’t worry, within 101 miles of Greater Newport there are many other top rated institutions; Harvard, Yale and MIT to name a few.

Quality of Life: Hundreds of thousands of vacationers from around the world flock to Newport, Rhode Island and surrounding areas each year. Greater Newport is an international tourist destination because of the wonderful beaches, well-preserved history, great entertainment, world-renowned sailing, and outdoor activities. Those lucky enough to live in Greater Newport experience these amazing amenities every day. An afterhours networking reception on Narraganset bay or a business event at a Newport Preservation Society mansion is a common occurrence for business leaders in Greater Newport.

Industry: Greater Newport’s 239 miles of coastline has driven the local economy. Industries including marine trades, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing and defense have all emerged due to the regions close proximity to the water. Hospitality and tourism continue to flourish to meet the ever-growing demand of visitors. The Naval Underwater Warfare Center, located at Naval Station Newport, attracts the counties top Defense companies while the boating industry has paved the way for both composites manufacturing and marine technology.

Commitment: Community leaders in Greater Newport are committed to the success of the business community. Connect Greater Newport is a regional economic development partnership emerged in 2018 to support the growth of existing businesses and attract new business to the region. The partnership lead by the Newport County Chamber of Commerce is comprised of municipal leaders from seven communities and business leaders throughout the region. This is first regional economic development public-private partnership in Rhode Island.

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