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Through a robust business retention and outreach program, we are ensuring the needs of the business community are understood and that responsive strategies are put in place throughout the region to ensure recovery, growth, and competitiveness for our local economy.

New Houses

2023 Housing Analysis: Phase 1

The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce and Connect Greater Newport recently released an analysis of housing needs, especially workforce housing, in the Greater Newport region. This report identifies that the region will need 6,000-9,000 new units to keep up with the workforce demands.


2021 Regional Plan

The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce and Connect Greater Newport have adopted a 10-year regional economic development strategy which  outlines the region’s attributes and vulnerabilities, while offering solutions and strategies to support economic recovery and resilience in the years to come.

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Covid-19 Relief Programs

Has your business suffered a financial loss during the COVID-19 pandemic? Connect Greater Newport can help connect you with resources and programs to recover.

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Broadband Coalition

With what amounts to Billions of federal dollars available to enhance broadband we are working to make sure the Greater Newport region is ready to receive the investment.

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Shop Greater Newport

Launched in December 2020, Shop Greater Newport is a small business directory for small businesses in the Greater Newport region built to create more opportunities for people to shop small.

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